BMX HipHop Pioneer, Jimmy Mac Founder Of Bulldog Bikes,

There’s a new series called the BMX HipHop Chronicles that features people who represents both the BMX and Hip Hop cultures and their love for BMX. The first episode features BMX HipHop Pioneer Jimmy Mac who is the founder of Bull Dog Bikes and Union Square Shoes. Bulldog Bikes was the first of its kind BMX company that brought the BMX /HipHop cultures together in the mid to late 90’s. Bulldog had a international BMX team and it’s own line of BMX frames. A lot of great riders were discovered or sponsored by Bulldog Bikes.

bulldog bikes source magazine

In the interview Jimmy talks about his younger years and how he got into BMX. He also talks about his years in the Hip Hop music business, his marketing background and a whole lot more.

bulldog bikes team

Follow Jimmy Mac on his Instagram page @bdgindustries


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