This is a great documentary about the Trinidad and Tobago BMX scene made by Life Behind Grips.

Press Release:

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island country situated off the northern edge of the South American mainland, lying 6.8 miles off the coast of northeastern Venezuela. Life Behind Grips had the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of T&T where he met with one of the triple OG’s; Brandon Holder, who walked us through many years of BMX generational talents in Trinidad & Tobago. He shares with us many amazing stories from the past as well as pointing out the talented professional riders who flew out to represent T&T in competitions such as Trevlon Hall, Brad Lee, Kestrel Roopnarine, Keegan Alves to name a few… There are many street riders, flatland riders and ramp riders who just love being part of the local community. They continue pushing and advancing the sport within the country by shredding together and meeting welcoming newcomers to keep the sport alive.

There have been a few BMX riders who emigrated to the United States such as Miguel Bocuad & Kashiff “Keon” Sammy who frequently visits & rides with the local BMX community. Many Pro riders from all over the world have visited the country as well as compete for Trevlon Hall’s – T&T Bmx Freestyle Association – Red Bull Under My Wing, Monster Exams Tour and Freestyle School Tours. Riders such as Jesse Puente, Adam Kun, Terry Adams, Daniel Dhers, Jonathan Camacho and many more!

Trinidad & Tobago is a known for many BMX groups in the past such as Xtreme Asylum to Cranksetters, Swisha X, Germs to the newer generation of riders from R.O.A.D.K. and Caribbean Freestyle Association. Life Behind Grips, who is a also considered a quadruple BMX OG in this beautiful country is more than highly qualified to showcase this high quality video production; since most of the footage depicted in this production were shot in the early 2000’s were filmed by none other than Life Behind Grip’s handy cam. That’s right! We’re really proud to see the newer generation continue what we all started! Special thanks to the entire T&T BMX community!


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