BMX Legend Steve Veltman

Steve Veltman teh art of rolling
Steve Veltman teh art of rolling
GO magazine article July 91 issue

Another super fast rider that made big waves in the industry and influenced a lot of BMXers back in the day is BMX Legend and USABMX Hall Of Fame Inductee, Steve Veltman!! Steve was the first rider to win the ABA National Number One Amateur and Cruiser titles in the same year (1982). He also has two Jag World Championship Age Group titles, and two IBMXF world age group titles in his amateur career and Steve was an Elite Cruiser Bronze Medalist at the 1989 World Championships. As a pro, Steve won both the NBL and ABA Grandnationals, and the 1993 ABA National Number One Pro title. He competed in three X Games and raced in the top class for 15 years. Steve is the only BMX racer to have ever appeared on a Wheaties cereal box. He retired back in 2004.
steve veltman bmx hall of fame
Steve Veltman Wiki:

Stephen James Veltman (b. August 4, 1969 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;[1] later raised in Conroe, Texas U.S.) is a former American “Old School/Mid School” professional Bicycle Motocross (BMX) racer whose prime competitive years were from 1980–1985 and 1987 to 1998. His nickname during the time he first achieved fame as a 12 and 13 year old was “Spider-Man” due to the posture he had as he speed jumped his bicycle over moguls. He would be tucked all the way back over and just above the rear wheel. His right elbow would be down while his left up as opposed to having them near perfectly level. This along with his red and white Hutch uniform and helmet with mirrored lensed goggles gave an impression of the comic book superhero Spider-Man swinging on his web.[2] His later moniker “V”-Dog” came into being concurrently with him joining the Vans Racing Team in April 1991.[3] He was also known as “Primetime”.

Through his career Steve rode for:
1980 World of Wheels
1980 Mongoose (co factory)
1981 Bassett
1981-1986 Hutch Hi-Performance BMX/Products
1987-1988 McDonald’s
1988-1989 U.S. Boss Racing Products
1990 U.S. Boss Racing Products
1990-1991 L&S Racing
1991-1992 Vans
1992 ODI
1992-1995 U.S. Boss Racing Products
1997-1998 Torker
1998-1999 Next
1999-2001 Magna
2003 ODI
2003 Answer Products
2004 GT Bicycles
Steve Veltman Hutch
Steve veltman go mag
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