There’s A Killer Mike BMX Bike In The Works By State Bicycles

killer mike bike bmx

A few years ago State Bicycles linked up to do a project with the legendary emcee/activist Killer Mike. They made a custom 26″ BMX Cruiser for him and kept one for themselves. They sat on the custom bike for a long time and then decided to give it away to support and raise funds for the Los Angeles Bicycle Academy.

killer mike bmx bike

Together, the State Bicycle Co. and Killer Mike’s audience were able to raise $10,980 which went to go towards helping young cyclist. The money also helped young cyclist get internships, training and job placements within the cycling industry. Danica B from San Antonio won the custom bike.

state bicycles killer mike bmx

Due to th eoverwhelming reponse to the bike, State Bicycles are working with Killer Mike to put it into production so more people can get their hands on one. That’s Wassup!!

Los Angeles Bicycle Academy. killer mike

Visit State Bicycles to find out how you can find out when the pre-order for the Killer Mike bike opens up!

Follow the Los Angeles Bicycle Academy on their official Instagram Page.


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