Jassma Thomas Talks About Riding MTB At Your Own Pace (BGDB)

Jassma Thomas is something she hopes to see more of out on the trails around Kansas City, Missouri – a black woman on a mountain bike. In 2020, she tried a small piece of beginner-friendly trail on her hybrid bike with a friend she made through a Facebook group for local women who ride bikes. By spring of the following year, she had fallen in love with trail riding and bought herself a Trek Roscoe 7. She encourages black women to “just go for it” and give mountain biking a try. Sure, riding trail is a mix of emotions – uncertainty, fear, pure exhilaration and joy – but it’s also an opportunity to forget about life’s daily challenges, to relax and become wholly focused on the present moment and just BE yourself.

~Black Girls Do Bike

Salute to Jassma Thomas for making the move t Mountain Biking! Leave a comment below if you’re into mountain biking!


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