Leo Rodgers Inspirational Story Featured on Bicycling.com

Bicycling.com did and amazing piece on Leo Rodgers, a BMXer and motorcyclist who lost his leg. He had a love for bikes and doing tricks. He wound up losing his leg after a wheelie gone wrong on his motorcycle. But that didn’t stop him from getting back on a bike. Since Leo is so tall he thought, instead of using a wheel chair to get around, why not use a bicycle. From that point on Leo started doing group rides and he’s also competing in cycling event. His story is amazing and inspiring! Salute to LEO!!

Leo Rodgers lost his leg 13 years ago, the result of the sort of motorcycle crash in which you are lucky if it merely changes your life.

Many people who ride a lot know what it’s like to sit on the wheel of someone like Leo—someone you can trust to pick a good line and call out obstacles and do his or her share of the work and probably drop your ass if they wanted to. Someone who emanates delight. Someone who sits on a bike like that’s where they belong, their upper body still and relaxed as the miles click by.

It feels at this point both necessary and a bit superfluous to mention that Leo Rodgers is a tall black man with long hair and one leg. There is no pedal or crank-arm on the left side of his All-City bike; his left pant leg is neatly knotted a few inches below the hip.


Follow Leo Rodgers on his instagram page instagram.com/slimone1000

For the full story on Leo: https://bit.ly/36P5S7g

Produced by Bob Croslin: https://bit.ly/3gLVC46


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