Bike Girl Magic Episode 6: Tarra Gundrum, From Marine To Cyclist

Bike Girl Magic is back with a new installment! This episode features Tarra Gundrum. She talks about how she got into cycling and how it changed her life. It a great inspirational looking into the cycling lifestyle and how it translates to other aspects of life.

In this 6th episode, we catch a few moments with author and cyclist Tarra Gundrum at Extreme Ski & Bike. Tarra is an industrious and fearless “Jane of all Trades” who enjoys bike exploration while maintaining an infectious positivity that is very much rooted in reality. We discuss how to get the most out of bike touring, why she thinks it’s important to tell the stories of the people she meets, and we learn the meaning behind her mantra…“Find Your Possible”. Special thanks to our co-producer on this recording Diana Hildebrand (IG:@devahd)

~Black Girls Do Bike


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