Marcel Jüngling, German Artistic Cycling Champion

Marcel Jüngling

This is Marcel Jüngling. He is the Vice European Champion in Artistic Cycling. In “The Art of Cycling” documentary film he tells us about German Art Cyclist, his training, his successes and failures and why he has been passionate about cycling for so many years. At the same time, he shows us what he can do on the bike.

Marcel Jüngling art cyclist

“The Art Of Cycling” director, Lukas, also accompanies Marcel and other art cyclists to a competition. We really like the way this video was put together and it’s great to see this young brother excelling in another aspect of cycling culture.

Marcel recently won the German Art Cycling state championship!

Oh and did we mention Marcel is also a Master student biophysics!!! He’s doing major things and we salute him!

uci artistic cycling

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