Demarcus Paul Joins GT Bicycles Team

Congrats to DeMarcus Paul who recently joined the GT BMX team!!

Press Release:

DeMarcus Paul on GT? You heard right! And we couldn’t be more stoked! Getting Deemo on GT was literally, meant to be, as Product Manager Ben Ward put it, “When I first came on board with GT I made a short list of riders I wanted on the team and DeMarcus was on that list. At the time he was starting to blow up and got his first signature line by the time GT was in a good place to reach out. Not wanting to disrupt what he had going on, we decided to hold off. Low and behold 5 years later the opportunity presented itself to talk to DeMarcus and we had Jeff Z reach out. The rest is now GT history.” Filmed over the course of a few days in San Diego and LA with Ryan Fudger and Jeff Zielinski. Edited by Zielinski.

~GT Bicycles

Before the announcement and welcome edit with GT, DeMarcus sat down with the Unclicked Podcast to talk about leaving his previous long time sponsor Volume.


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