NBA Hall of Famer Reggie Miller Loves Mountain Bikes!

Reggie Miller CX MTB

NBA Hall of Famer and current TNT network broadcast analyst Reggie Miller has really gotten into Cross Country MTB in a big way…he actually races!! The folks over at VitalMTB caught up with the legendary ball player and asked him 17 question about MTB, football and of course Basketball 😉

This video gives us a lot of insight on how passionate Reggie is about riding MTB and it awesome! We really like the answer he gave to question 12; “If your son could have a basketball career or a bike career, which would you prefer?”

Back in January of this year, Reggie came in 8th place in the Sport Men 50-59 XC class at the KMC Winter Series at SouthRidge, Fontana

We gotta give a bug salute to Reggie for taking on the sport of off-road cycling..BIG UP!!
Follow Reggie on Instagram. He’s always posting videos and photos of his MTB adventures.


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