Miss Kittie 60+ Year Old Woman Still Racing BMX, #TBT

miss kittie

Back in 2010 Crazy Al Cayne did a quick interview with BMXer “Miss” Kittie Weston-Knauer at the NBL Grands. Miss Kittie was one of the first two older women to race BMX 20 years ago and she’s still going strong till this day. in the interview She gives a quick bike check of her Intense BMX cruiser and she had a message to say to All the ladies out there that are interested in racing BMX or are looking for alternative ways to stay fit.
miss kittie
Recently Miss Kittie wrapped up this year Earning herself a N.A.G. #7 in the 56 and Over Women’s Cruiser Class at the USA BMX Grands held in Tulsa, OK, this past Thanksgiving weekend. That means she’s nationally ranked #7 in the 56 & Over Women’s age group in the Nation…. pretty cool!!


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