BMX Legend Jamie Lilly Joins Factory Team Bikes For 2017


After a little hiatus legendary BMX Jamie Lilly is back on the racing scene! After a few great showings in 2016, most notably second place in the Grands main event (31-40 Women), she’s already secured a factory sponsorship with UK BMX brand factory Team Bikes (FTB). It’s gonna be great seeing her at the nationals and hopefully the Worlds this year!

For those of you who don’t know Jamie “Kiddo” Lilly was a professional “Mid School” BMX racer whose prime competitive years were from 1987 to 2004.  She became one of the first female professionals of the American Bicycle Association (ABA) when they for the first time created a female professional division in the sanctioning body’s history in 1998. She also became one the ABA’s first number one Girl Pros. She turned pro 1998 at the age of 15 years old and retired Originally in late 2004 Due to a knee injury. One BMX is in your blood it never goes away so in early 2006 Jamie got back on the scene, she even signed with Hyper Bicycles, but nothing really came of it. Then a few years later she raced again and on June 27, 2009 she competed in her first race in five years when she took part in the South Park NBL National in South park BMX Track in Pittsburgh PA. She came in fourth place in Pro Girls.

Jamie had many sponsors throughout here career:
-GT Racing/Panasonic Shockwave:January 1998-Mid October 2000
-System’s West/Profile Racing: October 23, 2000-July 2001
-System’s West/Redline Bicycles: July 2001-November 2002
-Free Agent/System’s West: November 2002-January 2004. The 2002 ABA Grandnational was her first race with Free Agent.
-Fox/Supercross: February 2004-Late 2004
-Hyper Bicycles: January 2006

….And she’s won many titles as an amateur….

National Bicycle League (NBL)
-1996 13 Girls Grandnational Champion
-1996 13 Girls National No.1

American Bicycle Association (ABA)
-1989 6 & Under Girls National No.2
-1990 7 Girls US Open West Champion
-1990 California District 2 (CA-02) Girls No.1
-1990 7 Girls Race of Champions (ROC) Champion
-1990 7 Girls NAG No.1
-1990 7 Girls Grandnational Champion.
-1991 8 Girls NAG No.1
-1991 8 Girls Grandnational Champion
-1992 California District 2 (CA-02) Girls No.1
-1992 California District 2 (CA-02) Girls Cruiser No.1 Only girl in that district in that division.
-1992 9 Girls Grandnational Champion
-1995 12 Girls Grandnational Champion
-1996 13 Girls World Cup Champion
-1996 13 Girls Grandnational Champion

……And as a professional….

National Bicycle League (NBL)

-2000 North American International Pro Girl Champion.
-2001 Super Girls Grandnational Champion

American Bicycle Association (ABA)
-1998 ABA Race of Champions Pro Girl Champion.
-2000 Pro Girls World Champion
-2000 Pro Girls Grandnational Champion
-2000 Pro Girls National No.1
-2001 Pro Girls World Champion
-2002 Pro Girls National No.2
-2003 Pro Girls World Champion
-2003 Pro Girls Grandnational Champion
-2003 Pro Girls National No.1

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