Howard Cato Is Guest Of Honor At Mighty Moes BMX Cruise

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BMXer and humanitarian, Howard Cato, will be the guest of Honor at the Mighty Moe’s BMX Cruise. Mighty Moe’s BMX Cruiser is the first of its kind boat ride to provide “The Ultimate BMX family reunion!” The event plans to bringing current and former BMXers and their families together.

Howard Cato is the founder of Bay Area BMXers. It’s a grass roots non-profit organization that started as a way to personally connect with local youths in a positive way; giving them an outsource to work on personal growth and systematically strengthen their own natural abilities through a nationwide Olympic sport, BMX.

Over the years it has turned into much more. We’ve given the kids that have attended our program a sense of self-worth, we’re promoting/ team unity in positive group settings, educating them about nutritional values and physical health, along with inspiring dreams.


We are pleased to announce that we will be honoring NorCal’s very own Howard Cato, racer & founder of 510 Bay Area BMXers, for his humanitarian efforts. Howard is a beloved member of the BMX community with a heart of gold and a great story to tell. He is active in the Oakland area by feeding the homeless and teaching bicycle safety courses at area schools, all while running one of the top BMX teams in the country. We are honored to have him join us on our Inaugural Sailing this Labor Day Weekend.
We regret to inform you that due to an unexpected hamstring injury and surgery, Craig Reynolds will no longer be joining us. His recovery is going slower than anticipated. He is sad that he will not be able to be a part of this year’s cruise, because he was really looking forward to seeing everyone. Craig looks forward to joining us on a future sailing of the Mighty Moe’s BMX Cruise.

~Mighty Moe’s BMX Cruise

Howard was just interviewed by the All Things BMX Show where he talks about how he got into BMX and his many accomplishments. CLICK HERE to watch it.

Find out even more about Howard Cato in this great documentary below!


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