Denzel Stein “The Peoples Champ” In Action

denzel stein

denzel stein
Nice shot of the “Peoples Champ” Denzel Stein in action! Denzel is a super fast Elite BMXer who recently retired from BMX racing to purse a career as a fireman. We hope to catch up with Denzel one of these days for an interview and to go riding of course. We also hope he makes a return to BMX.

Denzel Stein has been racing since the age of ten. He admired the BMX riders he saw on TV and has been in love with the sport ever since. His dedication has allowed him to quickly climb the ranks. Denzel turned A prop in the beginning of 2008 and took only four races to become a AA pro; the highest of professional leagues. In 2008, Denzel was ranked number 5 in AA and voted rookie Pro of the year. At the 2008 UCI World Championships in China, he placed 3rd. Denzel finished the 2009 season 8th in the Nation

In 2011 Denzel was at the ABA Grands and had is forks fail on him when he was going through the pro set. He was leading the pack up until that point

Here’s the interview Denzel did with Richard Montalvo after his crash for inFocus

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2013 interview with Dezel and Jeff Upshaw


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