BMX Legend Hugo Gonzales,

Hugo Gonzales

Hugo Gonzales
Legendary Skyway Wheels BMX Legend Hugo Gonzalez was killing it in the 80’s! He was one of those riders who always found an insane line or trick that no one was doing and making it happen! He was definitely one of the more progressive riders of the time. Below are some links and video of Hugo doing his thing!

Filmed in San Jose at Hugo Gonzalez’ work just after he won the IBMXF world championships in Vancouver. Besides some big airs on the Skyway quarter-pipe, you get a peek at Hugo’s full-on Smokey and the Bandit Camaro Z28 ride plus younger brother Oscar blasting a few. Anchored by Maggi Scura.

Hugo Gonzales bmxplus cover
Here’s a clip of that legendary 360 over the fence at Del Mar that Hugo did.

hugo gonzalez gate ride

Hugo Gonzales at the AFA Masters Finals in Manchester NH in 1985.

Hugo Gonzalez
Hugo_Gonzales bmx

I found that jumping obstacles was challenge and enjoyful, then I saw the Bob Haro Show after that I knew what I wanted – to get into BMX and that was around 1977. My first bike was a 20″ Schwinn which I set up with Moto Mags, singe seat instead of the banana seat that came with it. I also tore off all reflectors and put knobby tires on the bike. I won the 1986 world freestyle championships in Vancover, Canada in the pro-ramps contest. after the finals in Los Angeles, I got out of the team. I have got injured and recovered very slow. Doing contest all the time was starting not to be fun.~Source:

hugo foot plant

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