Bike Revolution, Bicyclist Of Baltimore

Bike Revolution

We found this video on Andy Dahl’s Vimeo page about a program called “Bike Revolution”. The Bike Revolution workshop is a program designed to get the youth together to youth expression in art, healthy habits and bicycles. The participants learn methods to personalize and customize their bicycles as well as learning safe riding practice in the Baltimore urban environment. Andy is at the forefront of this movement and is doing a awesome job at creating an alternative, creative, health, fun activities for the youth in Bmore!
Bike Revolution

At the heart of everything I do exists a desire to connect to, learn from, and share with others. Weather through urban wall paintings, collaborative projects, youth bicycle programs, or gallery work, a celebration of these relationships and a vision for their development are central. These are the bicyclists of Baltimore.

-Andy Dahl

Check out for more info.


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