A Quick Brown Fox, Breaking Down Barriers For Women Of Color In Cycling

Ayesha McGown, a quick brown fox

We came across this awesome website, A Quick Brown Fox which is run by cyclist Ayesha McGowan. The website was made to encourage more women to get on bikes for whatever the reason and to especially help women of color break down barriers in the world of cycling.

Ayesha is sponsored by Ride Brooklyn and is working towards becoming the first African-American female professional cyclist. You can keep up with her USA Cycling results HERE

There’s also a great article about her featured on Vice Sports
About A Quick Brown Fox and Ayesha McGowan:
I’m a twenty something woman of color on a mission to get as many humans on bikes as possible. I’m rooting especially for women and women of color, but really i’m happy for anyone who wants to get on two wheels and go! In the daytime week hours I am a pre-school music teacher in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. In all the other hours i’m likely doing something bike related.
Ayesha McGowan, african america woman cyclist
Over the years i’ve encouraged many of the people in my life to start riding bikes, i’m hoping to be a resource for whoever has questions and wants answers to whatever is getting in the way of them joining in on the most fun they’ll ever have! If it’s about what to wear, how to stay warm, how to squeeze all of the hairs under a helmet, where to ride, or anything else you can think of. Ask away and i’ll do my very best to inform you with what i’ve learned over the years.

I’m also most notably on a mission to become the first ever African-American female professional cyclist! I’ve seen a few rad BMX ladies of color, but not so much of the road and track variety! I’m hoping to add a touch of color to the cycling world and hopefully open a door for others to follow!
Ayesha McGowan, black cyclist


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